WASHINGTON, D.C.– Officials out of Washington D.C. arrested Wesley A Beeler for carrying an unregistered weapon and unauthorized inauguration credentials.

It happened Friday, January 15th. According to police reports deputies working a security checkpoint at North Capitol St. and E St. NE, put in place for the Presidential Inauguration.

A white ford F-150 truck with Virginia tags UXR-7585 pulled up to the checkpoint and presented an unauthorized inauguration credential. Deputies pulled told the driver to pull over to investigate.

After attempting to verify the credentials officers saw several firearm related decals on the truck with sayings like “Assault Life” and “If they come for your guns, give em your bullets first.”

Officers later found a glock under the center arm rest and several other firearms were later discovered.

Below you can find arrest records and statements from the incident.

Statement obtained by News Nation