‘Mad’ tree cutting changes city policy


AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – An inmate crew is cleaning up along Tuttle Street in Harrisburg the day after a city mower had come by, but what that mower and driver did didn’t cut it with at least one of the residents on Tuttle Street.

“It was a madman with a device used to cut highway grass…it was inappropriate and frightening,” said the neighbor.

James “Butch” Palmer planted this firethorn a decade ago and watched as its limbs were cut by a city mower.

He was so was taken aback by what he saw on his street he took pictures of the tractor and mower.

As well as the damage to the trees…

“I’ve never seen anybody use a device used for cutting highway roads to do a thick limb to do neighborhood work it’s inappropriate and dangerous,” said Palmer.

Normally you would expect to see these types of mowers cutting grass along the side of the road this mower was up this high it’s got to be 8 feet.

Augusta’s Engineering Department Director says city crews do cut trees along right of ways but after this incident crews will no longer do it using a boom mower.

‘Should a mower be used to cut limbs off a tree?’

“It should not be depending on the situation and size but it was not the right equipment for this size we corrected that error and we’re going to make sure it will not happen again  situation like that,” said City Engineer, Hameed Malik.

The mower also damaged a light Palmer has placed at the base of a tree he had planted,  city engineers say he could be compensated for the damages the city employee with the mower received a verbal reprimand.

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