Augusta, GA (WJBF) –  A local Augusta woman shares her story as to how she beat all statistics and over came stage 3 lung cancer.

In December 2014, Patti Callan visited her doctors for what she thought was a sinus infection. After several tests, she learned she had lung cancer. Doctors gave her a 10 percent chance of survival.

“Well when I got the news that I really didn’t have, I only had a 10 percent chance I said well I’ll enjoy what little I have left,” said Patti Callan, Lung cancer survivor.

During her six-week chemotherapy treatment, her oncologist introduced her to a clinical trail that he believed could possibly help her.

“I felt very good about this trail so I was trying to get her into this clinical trial and she pleasantly accepted,” said Zhonglin Hao, Thoracic Oncologist for Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University.

“As I was learning more about an experimental drug I got very ecstatic about that and it was like I suddenly forgot that I had no chance. It was like ‘alright I’m gonna make it, this is fine’,” said Patti Callan, Lung cancer survivor.

Doctor Hao says the experimental drug, “Medi 4736” disables cancer cells. After only 2 weeks of chemo, Patti Callan started the 12-month trial.

“I didn’t get depressed during it which I think is huge and very important, again you turn that to friends, going out enjoying things, and also working out, that keeps you lifted also,” said Patti Callan, Lung cancer survivor.

She says she had been working out before she found out she had cancer, and now that she’s cancer free she continues to stay fit. Doctor Hao believes her fitness routine is a major contributor to why she is alive to tell her story today.

“She works out regularly, and is always up beat and does everything she can to help. So that’s why she is having this good outcome,” said Zhonglin Hao, Thoracic Oncologist for Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University.

“I’ve had too many friends to die for cancer as we all have, it’s hard to believe that anybody would see any silver lining in it– but I did, and that helped me out a great deal,” said Patti Callan, Lung cancer survivor.

Miss Patti has been cancer free for over a year and she says she hopes to startup a lung cancer walk someday.