Lowcountry Rep. Nancy Mace’s home vandalized on Memorial Day


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) says her home was the target of vandals on Memorial Day.

The Lowcountry congresswoman says someone in the early morning hours on Monday used black spray paint to vandalize her front steps, sidewalk and the street in front of her home.

The vandals spray-painted “pass the PRO act,” “no gods, no masters,” “all politicians are bastards,” “F—k you Nancy” and anarchist symbols. 

Mace in social media posts, claimed the symbols were Antifa symbols.

“Early on Memorial Day, my home was vandalized w/ spray-painted ANTIFA graffiti. This kind of illegal act of intimidation shows the destructive division in our country and just how dangerous it can be. We can and must do better.”

Rep. Nancy Mace’s Twitter account, @RepNancyMace

According to Mace, law enforcement is investigating the crime.

Mace released the following statement Tuesday regarding the vandalism.

Although my kids and I are thankfully fine, the criminal events at my home where I’m raising my two children are unacceptable no matter your politics. I sincerely appreciate law enforcement doing all they can to find the criminal trespassers who vandalized my home with Antifa symbols and profanity on Memorial Day,” Mace said. “There is a significant difference between nonviolent protests, and criminal acts of intimidation and vandalism. We should all be able to feel safe in our own homes, regardless of our political beliefs. I’m also concerned for my neighbors who’ve been impacted by this appalling criminal behavior. I urge everyone to take a moment to think about their words and their actions at this time. And it’s not just social media, but our words impact real people and impact real lives. We should think about taking it down a notch. I hope people realize just how hard I’m working with both sides of the aisle – a particularly difficult task – given the vitriol in our current political environment. We can and we should do better for our communities and for the American people.

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