Louisiana family has Father’s Day to remember as baby girl is delivered in new car


Bethany Verret: "I delivered her in my car"

Bethany Ardoin Verret – used with permission

LAKE CHARLES, La. (BRPROUD) – “If your contractions are five minutes apart and it’s your 2nd baby, get to the hospital.”

That is advice from a Louisiana woman named Bethany Ardoin Verret.

If you are reading this story, you may want to sit down first.

It starts with Luau Bingo and ends with a healthy baby girl on Father’s Day.

Ten days ago, Bethany Ardoin Verret and her family attended a Luau Bingo and fun was had by all.

After the party, mild contractions did not prevent Verret from sleeping on and off all night.

At this point, Bethany woke up on Sunday and contractions remained 30 minutes apart.

Verret was 39 weeks pregnant at this time and ready to “get this show on road.”

Castor Oil was consumed and by 11 a.m., contractions were five to ten minutes apart.

Time to go to the hospital right?

Well, not exactly, Verret thought that they did not have to go to the hospital until contractions were two to three minutes apart.

“WRONG!” That is what Bethany Verret said as her husband and father stopped to get lunch at Walk On’s.

On the good side, lunch was to-go and Bethany wanted to stop at their house and Rouses before going to the hospital.

Contractions are still about the same, so the family heads home to have lunch.

With Bethany’s blessing, her husband, Drew, went inside to eat lunch.

At this point, the contractions became more intense and it was time to go to the hospital.

With contractions suddenly at 30 second intervals Bethany’s husband loaded the car with their bags.

Bethany’s mom helped load her into the car while Drew went back in to finish his burger.

The new mom describes what happened next this way:

There is “still no real sense of urgency. I get into the car and the pressure got real real and I knew we gots to go. Crying through the contractions at this point, I tell dad we have to go NOW so he screams at Drew. The panic sets in, Drew flings his fries all over the ground, and he runs to the car. We’re off.”

On the way to the hospital, the pain became intense, so much so that while stopped at a red light, Bethany screams at her husband to run the red light.

Upon request, her husband goes to the Labor and Delivery section of the hospital.

One problem, they are not open on Sunday.

So after her husband ran there and back, Bethany’s water broke.

Drew began to drive towards the ER and well, they did not make it.

Baby Mila was ready to come into the world.

The soon to be new mother tells the next part of their journey this way:

“Here’s baby’s head. We pull up to the ER 17 years later. Have to finish pushing baby out. Baby comes out onto the seat under me. Drew is now inside the ER screaming for someone to come out. Baby is blue. Not crying. Cord is laid across baby’s neck. I move the cord and pat baby’s back. Finally a cry. A crowd of medical people open the car door. Nurse tells me baby’s okay (my soul re-enters my body) and that it’s a girl. I look for Drew. He’s still dead.”

Image courtesy of Bethany Ardoin Verret – Used with Permission

Bethany is kidding of course, Drew is not dead and well, the gender reveal did not go exactly as planned.

Bethany rated this experience a 9/10.

A point was docked by Bethany for not keeping their brand new car clean.

Image courtesy of Bethany Ardoin Verret – Used with Permission

The new mother has some advice for pregnant women out there:

  • If your contractions are 5 mins apart and it’s your 2nd baby, get to the hospital.
  • Castor oil is the real deal.
  • The front passenger seat in the Chevy Tahoe is suitable for catching newborns.
  • When a baby is ready to come out there is NO stopping it, no matter how much you try to hold it in.

In case you are wondering, Bethany, Mila and yes, Dad, are doing well.

Image courtesy of Bethany Ardoin Verret – Used with Permission

Bethany mentioned that if there is a next time, they probably won’t stop for lunch.

The family is thankful for a happy and healthy baby after the entire experience.

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