Loose pythons, Hephzibah woman searches for lost pets


HEPHZIBAH, Ga. (WJBF) – The owner of 14 missing snakes says she now knows what happened to them

Augusta Animal Control says that the 14 ball pythons were released in the Woodlake Subdivision in Hephzibah.

The owner posted on facebook saying the snakes were released in an unpopulated area and are unrecoverable.

The owner has not said where the snakes exactly were released.

HEPHZIBAH, Ga. (WJBF) – The hunt is on for 14 snakes after their mysterious release Tuesday night. Augusta Animal Control says they received a call last night regarding several ball pythons that were lost in the Woodlake Subdivision in Hephzibah. Neighbors in the area say they’re concerned about the lost snakes being around their children and pets.

This came to our attention when a woman on Facebook posted to the Augusta Animals Lost and Found page, saying 14 of her ball pythons were released on Barclay Street by an “irresponsible party.” She mentions that her snakes are generally harmless, not venomous, and eat mostly small rodents. In less than 20 hours, her post was shared more than 900 times.

Residents on Barclay Street say they’ve heard about the loose snakes and are frightened. “I think it’s ridiculous because we have little kids that come out of the door and play and then they’ve got to wait at the bus stop for the bus and there isn’t any telling, one might just crawl up on them,” said Barclay Street resident, Shekelia Wilcher. “I do know some people have snakes as pets which that doesn’t bother me, that’s their preference but as far as me, my grandmother gave me horror stories when I was younger. So when it comes down to snakes, it’s not my cup of tea,” said Marquette Davis, another Barclay Street local.

We encountered people searching for the lost pythons who told us some of the snakes could be worth several hundred dollars each. A Department of Natural Resources representative said similar cases occurred in Southern Florida in the past. Pet Pythons set loose multiplied as an invasive species in the everglades environment.

Augusta Animal Control told us they plan on sending someone out to help look for the reptiles. If you’re in the area and see a snake, Animal Control is asking you to call them right away. Animal Control’s number is (706) 790-6836.

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