Lock and Dam plans raise concerns


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF)   Growing concern over the future of the Savannah Bluff lock and dam and the impact on the river near Augusta.

Proposed federal legislation is calling for the building of a fish passage near the lock and dam and the building of a new rock dam up river….

Roy Simkins  owns  land where the fish passage would go  and told commissioners what would be best for the the city and industries along the river would be to have the existing locks and dam rebuilt, because a new dam could lead to flooding.

“They studied that and they came to the conclusion that if they put in a rock weir upstream  it would create serious flooding upstream they said that themselves now they’re going back and saying well we didn’t really mean that they’re shooting themselves in the foot to a great degree,” said Roy Simkins who is also Chairman of the Augusta Tree Commission.

Mayor Davis also has  concerns about the the plans for Lock and dam

But his biggest worry isn’t flooding, but the impact the plan could have on lowering  river levels  impacting industry, water delivery, and recreational activities.

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