AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- “We learned God Save the Queen and we learned the National Anthem of the United States — so it’s kind of my childhood” said Jill Sessions, lives in Evans.

Jill Sessions thought a lot about the royal family when she was growing up.  Her family’s roots are in England.

“My grandfather served in the Royal Marines under Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George so we always have that presence of England and the history and pride in that” said Sessions.

Though Sessions has lived in Evans for many years, she cherishes the souvenirs… from the Queen’s Jubilee, and books about the royals…  from her many trips to England.

The royal family even has an Augusta connection, dating back to the late 1700’s.

“The town itself, Augusta, is named after Princess Augusta who married into the family. She was originally from Germany but she married into the family she married  the Prince of Wales Frederick” said Nancy Glaser,  Exec. Director, Augusta Museum of History.

Princess Augusta’s eldest son, George III, became King of Great Britain in 1760.  Glaser says, she hopes more people will come to the museum, now,  to learn about that history and why it’s important.    

“This exhibit has been up since 1999- it’s when basically the museum shifted from a general museum to strictly a history Museum” said Glaser

As for the Sessions family, even though it’s sad to hear the news of the Queen’s passing,  they’re grateful to still have a connection to Great Britain.

“Someone of English heritage and have a family whose I still have cousins and family in England, and we’ve been able to visit them- and I know how much she’s loved and cared about.  She just has done everything in the name of service” said Sessions.