Locals participate in a friendly competition to keep the Savannah River clean


AUGUSTA, G.A./ NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – The next time you go out to the Riverwalk in downtown Augusta you may notice less trash. It’ll be the same way across the river in North Augusta. That’s because city leaders are starting a friendly competition.

“The real winner is both communities because the savannah river is a jewel,” said North Augusta Mayor Briton Williams.

It’s another battle of the borders but this time around it’s about keeping the community clean.

“So, it’s a contest called the mayor’s cup, so whichever city has the most volunteers the other mayor has to present the mayor’s cup to that mayor at his council meeting,” said Mayor Williams.

For the first time organizations like keep Augusta beautiful and keep Aiken County beautiful are competing in the 1st annual trash bash at the border.

“Administrator’s office, the marshal’s office, we’ve got community partners who are here as well, what an incredible day to come out and keep our city clean,” said Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis.

In North Augusta, nearly 100 volunteers came out and for most of them, it was about more than just a friendly competition.

“Well, the environment isn’t doing so great on a global scale and everybody could do their part as well and that would actually contribute to saving all of us,” said Jeffrey Moody.

Jeffrey moody is a senior at North Augusta high school and a member of the Beta club. Unlike most teenagers on a Saturday morning, he’s spending his day making a change.

“I don’t have anything going on Saturday so I was like even if I don’t get the hours, because you have to get community service hours, but for me it’s not even about that,” said Moody.

And Moody wasn’t the only beta club member out there. He says he was surprised to see how much trash they found.

“I really don’t like it because it’s our community and if you’re participating in the community and using a public space you should be respectful of that space and clean up after it,” said Moody.

“It’s kind of sad to see people littering in their own community,” said North Augusta High School senior Catherine Newman.

“This is actually my second bag and my brothers are out on the water cleaning out there as well,” said Marquis Jones, a Nu Phi Beta member.

“Yeah, I don’t like seeing all of the trash, but I tell you what I do like seeing is all these volunteers”

All of the trash collected from Saturday and Friday will be taken out to the landfill on Gordon Highway. Both mayors hope to keep this competition going again next year.

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