AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF)- “Hope, faith, Jesus, love, I expect them to get all of it,” said Rickey Hill.

A private screening at the Miller Theater Wednesday, as people walked the red carpet to celebrate the film “The Hill”. It’s based on the life of  Rickey Hill and his journey to play baseball with a disability.

“It was 17 years in the making and took me 17 years to this day it’s actually 20, 17 until we shot it, and when I read the script I fell in love with the story because Ricky’s perseverance and what he went through and the message that he delivers is incredible,” said Jeff Celentano, Director.

The movie was filmed in Augusta and in other areas across the CSRA. Local people got to take part. 

“The script was amazing and meeting the real Ricky Hill was obviously a good part of that but  just bringing that film to life and being a part of that was just a really special experience for me,” said Mark Crump, Film maker.

Directors say it’s been a long time coming creating the movie, and they hope people watch and feel motivated.

“This is a story about a little boy seeking the love of his father, so I think it’s very relatable. Across-the-board I think it’s a it’s an ultimately a family films very wholesome film. And I think people will leave here you know maybe with a tear in their eye but but feeling very uplifted,” said Warren Ostergard, Director.

“It comes from the book of Samuel and it says He that honors me he will I honor, that’s what I want everybody to know,” said Rickey Hill.

The Hill will be in theaters Friday for the world to watch.