Local veteran hits major milestone on 9/11


AUGUSTA, G.A. (WJBF) – One local veteran is hitting a major milestone.

Willford Meyers is now the longest-living Black veteran in the city of Augusta. Saturday, his family and close friends came together to celebrate his 100 years of life and his time serving our country.

“Well, I don’t know this is the first time, I been 100,” said Meyers.

At 100 years old, Willford Meyers can say with a smile on his face,

“Yeah, I feel good, ” he said.

Saturday, the veteran celebrated his 100th birthday on a day that most Americans will never forget, 9/11.

“I know one thing, it’s a sad day, I know. I don’t like to look at it too much,” he said.

Meyers began his army career at just 21-years-old.

“Mhm, I was drafted, ” he said.

But he says he was looking forward to serving his country.

He said, “Well, I heard so much talk about, so I decided to go see for myself.”

Meyers served during World War 2. His daughter, Lisa Meyers, tells NewsChannel 6 he assisted with supply missions for the soldiers who were overseas. He was also a trained marksman. Now, he’s being celebrated for not only his service but who he was as a father…

“He’s a handful, but I wouldn’t trade him,” said his daughter Lisa Meyers.

A husband, brother, and friend.

“He’s a good person and caring, whatever you need he is always that type of person to assist you in any way he can, ” said Williford’s sister-in-law, Annie Ellison.

And after living for a century, he’s being recognized for being the longest living black veteran in Augusta, seen at both VA’s.

“We’re there quite a lot and they pulled his birthday up and they were like wow you’re the oldest veteran we see,” said Lisa Meyers.

During all of the festivities, Meyers shared his secret to a long life.

He says, “You have to have the good Lord. The good Lord is the only one that can give you a long life”

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