local travel agency responds to Coronavirus outbreak


AUGUSTA,Ga. (WJBF)- With more confirmed cases across the u-s some people are having second thoughts about their future travel plans.

NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Flete spoke to local doctors and a travel agency about what this means for those with plans to travel in the near future.

“It’s no longer just don’t worry, don’t go to japan. don’t worry don’t go to china. now it’s be careful if you’re going to Europe….especially to Italy,” says MCG Infectious Diease Dr. Jose Vazquez.

As of early March the CDC reported 22 confirmed travel-related cases of novel coronavirus in the U.S.

Travel Agent Shelita Johnson says some of her customers have questions about their upcoming trips.

Have you had any customers call you to ask you questions about postponing their trip?

“Yes, I have had some who have called asking about different things,” says Johnson.

Johnson says it’s her goal to follow the customers desire.

“I try to reassure them, but y”know when it comes to health, when it comes to family, when it comes to your life. It’s all on you as well to decide even if it’s not high alert if you want to stop traveling at this time. It’s the consumers choice.”

In cases where a customer decides to back out of their trip, Johnson says she tries her best to get them a full refund.

“Sometimes we have even gone into our pockets to refund them the difference.”

As more cases start to pop up, the list of places to avoid traveling to continues to grow.

“Italy and they have had a bunch of deaths. I want to know are you coming from Europe now as well,” says Dr. Vazquez.

Recently the CDC confirmed 45 cases from the diamond princess cruise ship which has lead some people to stir clear of the waterways.

“Now I can tell you I haven’t booked a lot of cruises this coming year. Since the cornavirus has come out so a lot of people are moving away from cruises,” says Johnson.

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