Local teen develops app to help victims of sex crimes


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) –  A local teen decided to place help right in the palm of everyone’s hand. Anika Kablan found what she thinks is the solution to lowering sex crimes by developing an app.  When many high school seniors are enjoying sporting events or making plans for prom, Kablan, 17, is launching her very own cell phone app. Using her love for computers, she’s hoping to empower victims.

“I tried to create an app that could actually help people that is actually useful rather than trying to create a game or anything like that,” said Kablan.

The Davidson Fine Arts High School senior has a better plan, other than games such as Candy Crush, for what we need to do with our cell phones.

“Try to lower the risks of sex crimes or being a potential victim of that,” she explained to NewsChannel 6.

She taught herself how to code at the age of 13. After a few coding courses, at Girls Who Code and a program called Make School, she developed Recoup, Incorporated. It is a one-stop-shop for people who need anything from how to report a sex crime to simply dialing 911.

She continued, “You can find hotlines available 24/7. You can look up first aid, which basically has a list of the steps you take in order to address a wound such as bleeding or choking. You can call 911 from there.”

Kablan tells us the app is developed for anyone, male or female at any age. But she’s hoping younger people, especially college students, download the free app that does not require Internet.

Local Rape Crisis counselor Brittany Bing said victims with the app can truly be empowered.  “This is a crime that is highly under reported because of the stigma. There is a lot of shame and blame.”

Many people do not know some places such as Rape Crisis is 24 hours. So Bing said the app means they don’t have to wait. As for when you can download, Kablan said it’s available for iPhones now and Androids very soon.

“I feel ecstatic,” she said. “I have the capability to do this and I can do more. I just have excitement.”

When she is not coding, Kablan likes to draw. And college is the next step. She said she’s eyeing a few Georgia Schools, Harvard and MIT.Photojournalist: Mark Gaskins

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