AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — As the legislative session continues at the state capitol, some state lawmakers are opposing a bill that would ban critical race theory in schools.

” Its really more of a strain on speech,” Senator Harold Jones II said.

Some lawmakers said the bill is more about limiting freedom of speech than critical race theory.

” I would be hesitant if if was a teacher to teach history at all quite frankly especially when they start talking about racial history because of all the kind of limitations that are in this bill,” Jones said.

Proponents of ‘ critical race theory’ describe it as a discipline that seeks to understand how racism has shaped U.S. laws.

The bill would prohibit teaching that the US is a systemically racist country. 

While some supporters of the bill say parents should have more control over what their children learn in classrooms,  Sen. Harold Jones said the language of the bill would make it hard to teach important parts of history.  

” Whether it was something like the Hamburg Massacre or the three fifths compromise you start finding that just regular historic facts would have to be excluded and that’s very problematic.”

We reached out to Rep. Brad Thomas who sponsored the bill.

We have not heard back yet.

If passed, any school or district found to be in violation of the law could see twenty percent of its funding withheld by the State Board of Education.