Local Skate Shop Hosts First Ever National Go Skateboarding Day In Columbia County


It’s the first day of summer and Father’s Day. Some dads spent their day skateboarding in Columbia County.

Sweet Sticks Skateboard Gallery hosted the event. They gave out prizes and had some neat skate trick contests. Several people brought their dad’s and some of them even joined in on the skating.

National Go Skateboarding Day was started 15 years ago, but for the CSRA, this is the first official one recognized since the opening of Blanchard Woods Skate Park.

“Having this here just puts Augusta on the Map. People come in there’s a place for us to all ride. It’s a really big deal to have one of these in your town, “Brian McGrath, owner of Sweet Sticks Skateboard Gallery, said.

According to the tradition behind the holiday, the local skate shop puts together the event at the local skate park, but today was more than just about skateboarding.

“It’s kind of cool how it worked out. It’s Father’s Day, it’s the first day of summer, and it is go skateboarding day. So I thought it was a really cool holiday to have all those into one, because we had a lot of dad skaters, a lot of dads bringing their kids out, the family stuff,” said McGrath.

Dan Eicher and his son spent the day at Blanchard Park and he says he’s very impressed with the facility and like many parents is glad to know their children have a safe place to skate.

“Well there was one out in Augusta by Daniel Field but that went away. So the kids just had to go find place.. Parking lots, shopping centers. Of course that is frowned upon, so I think this is fantastic,” said Eicher.

Another father says he has been skateboarding in Augusta since 1988 and has been waiting for a concrete park since then.

“When we were kids out parents just let us go. It’s not that way now. It’s a lot more dangerous out there with cars going faster. It can get pretty dangerous. I’ve actually been hit by a car. I don’t want my son to have to go through that kind of stuff just to have fun on an obstacle,” said Nick Motto.

Blanchard Woods Skate Park will host the 2015 Gold Cup Championship Finals, a 3-day event starting October 2nd.

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