Local Reaction to Dylan Roof Verdict



The verdict is in and a Charleston murderer is now on death row.

A little over a year and a half ago Dylann Roof shot and killed several church members after a Wednesday night bible study. All nine of those parishioners were killed inside historic bethel AME. Church in Charleston. News Channel 6’s Kimberely Scott has reaction to the sentence.

As Dylan Roof is set to face the death penalty, families of the slain victims felt the sting of death, not by choice, but because of the loss of their loved ones. That emptiness overshadowing what is described as a victory.

Melvin Graham’s, sister was killed by roof, “this is a very hollow victory….because my sister is still gone, I wished this verdict could have brought her back.”

The thread of love runs deep in the heart of many believers

Family of victim, “he extended the hand of friendship and love even to an enemy and it cost him his life.”

And across state lines, Pastor Blount, “we’ve been taught to forgive and then let god do the rest.”

Reverand William Blount, Pastor of Greater Young Zion Missionasy Baptist Church in Augusta, knew Reverend Pinkney and was sad to hear of the shooting. He describes the trials verdict as unavoidable, but in the end leaving hope.

Pastor Blount, “the lives that were taken those destiny’s are sealed, the lives that are left, those destiny’s still have hope.”

The impact of this tragedy is multi-faced, it’s brought communities together.

Family member killed by Roof, “hopefully the community of charleston will continue to come together and work together”

and raised awareness…”

Andre Sanders, Assistant Minister, Greater Young Zion Baptist Baptist, “it has brought an awareness of safety and we need to be concerned about that no matter the time of the day, no matter what day of the week.”

While many faced death because of the decision of one man, that one man will now face death because of the decision of so many.

Ten South Carolina jurors unanimously voted Tuesday to recommend Dylann Roof be put to death. The judge formally sentenced roof this morning.

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