AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Prescription medication shortages are still ongoing – affecting pharmacies nationwide.

At Barney’s Pharmacy, they’ve been seeing shortages for medications since the start of the pandemic – and it’s not letting up.

“We’ve never gotten back on track since COVID,” said Amanda Reddick, a pharmacist a Barney’s Pharmacy.

Adderall, antibiotics like amoxicillin, asthma medications and prescription pain medications have been hard to find.

Reddick said this could be due to supply chain issues – 

“The companies are just unable to produce the products like they used to be able to, part of that would be because of employee shortages – we’re feeling that here,” she said.

Or a surge in people needing prescriptions –

“Part of that is because there’s more medication available because of technology,” she said. “Because people are just a lot more aware of medication and it’s more widely accepted to take medication.”

And more people having access to healthcare through telehealth.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has temporarily extended rules saying that some controlled substances can be prescribed through telemedicine through November of this year.

“It does make sense that because more people have access to healthcare they are being prescribed more prescriptions,” Reddick said.

Patients have been noticing the shortage.

“Sometimes it might take a while depending on the volume of people,” Hans Higgins said.

And with no ending in sight, it’s causing the medication prices to go up.

“It’s really frustrating for a lot of patients, a lot of people understand that it’s not necessarily Barney’s Pharmacy or CVS Pharmacy or Kroger Pharmacy that has the problem,” Reddick said. “It is the supplier, but that doesn’t stop the frustration.”

Pharmacists are asking that you be patient with them while sorting through this issue, and to talk with your doctor about any alternative options.