Local organization helps families grieve after infant loss


The holiday season brings joy for so many people. However, this time of year can also bring sadness, specifically for those who have lost loved ones.

Local organization, W.L.J. Angel Gowns aims to help ease the pain for families dealing with infant loss.

Bella Bruce’s grandson Wyatt was born on June 2, 2016. He passed after 2 hours and 10 minutes.

“Watching my child bury her child was the most excruciating thing,” Bruce says. “As a mother I should be able to fix my daughter’s boo boos and I couldn’t fix this one.”

Afterwards, Bruce’s daughter had a hard time finding clothes for baby Wyatt.

“When you don’t have anything for your baby to wear, you have to go to a baby store and that’s the last place you really want to go,” Bruce explains.

After Wyatt passed, Bruce founded W.L.J. Angel Gowns to help families who encounter similar situations.

“We provide angel gowns and angel wraps for these babies who pass during any gestation of a pregnancy up until a new born size, so that way their moms, dads, grandmas, they don’t have to worry about what their babies will wear. We can provide that for them,” Bruce says.

Recently they helped raise money to donate a Cuddle Cot to the Children’s Hospital of Georgia.

“A cuddle cot is a bassinet shaped unit and it has a cooling mattress and this helps regulate the baby’s body temperature and it slows their transition down,” Bruce describes.

To her knowledge, it is the first and only Cuddle Cot in our area. Right now, they are raising money to donate a second one to another local hospital.

“With a cuddle cot, this allows families so much more time with their babies,” Bruce points out. “If you’ve got any military dads who are overseas or out of state, this allows more time for them to come and spend time with their babies in the hospital.”

Bruce says, the holidays are exceptionally difficult for those she calls “angel families.”

“Santa claus and opening the gifts, the bright lights, the excitements that the kids should be able to experience. We just tell the families, acknowledge these babies. Even if you go out and buy just a simple ornament with the baby’s name on it and give it to the angel family. It lets them know that their baby is important. Their baby did exist even though their baby isn’t here,” Bruce says.

Right now, Bruce is looking for help. They are in need of seamstresses who are willing to donate their time and skill to sew angel gowns and wraps.

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