Local nonprofit teaches people to overcome challenges of parenting


NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – A local nonprofit is helping parents overcome the challenges of unruly, rebellious and defiant kids.

First-time parents Robert and Alic Gray have a while before their 4.5-year-old son makes it to his teenage years, but the Gray’s wanted to get ahead of the parenting game.

“This program is going to help you regardless of what age your child is,” said Alic Gray. “At some point, the various factors that you learn throughout the entire book, they are going to become relevant.”

For the last 10-weeks the Gray’s have spent their Wednesday evenings at a class lead by Proactive Parenting Initiative President and Founder Jamie Murphy.

The course focuses on showing parents what signs to look for in their children’s actions and social media pages.

It also emphasizes the importance of parents controlling an environment that nurtures positive behavior.

“You can’t control your child, but you can control the environment.” Murphy told WJBF NewsChannel 6.

Murphy says most parents come to him when they find themselves in a crisis, because they are just at a dead-end with their teens.

“My son about a year of so ago, when he was 15, he was having some attitude issues,” said Derrick Lamar, a parent. “So we called on Jamie and sent him to Jamie’s camp, that he started up, for a weekend. When we picked David up, I haven’t seen him smile that wide in a long time. It was a pleasant attitude.”

A retired Aiken County principal says since the course has been put into action at Aiken County schools he saw a dramatic change in the behavior and grades of many defiant students.

“A lot of time folks think that the school is supposed to provide the discipline,” said retired Aiken County educator Rod Greenway. “But the discipline really starts at home and its a joint effort between parents and the school officials.”

The 10-week course is completely free.

It’s held at First Baptist Church in North Augusta every Wednesday night.

To learn more about Proactive Parenting Initiative, click here. 

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