AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF)- Helping to bring awareness, MOM or moving over mountains against autism is an organization giving resources to parents with autistic children.

Saturday the organization hosted an autism brunch for families in Augusta. 

“we’re a Family autism made us a family so we’re a family together and that way we as a family can be collaborative to see what each child needs sometimes is different than the other one” said Deidre Roberson

Deidre Roberson is the founder of moving over mountains against autism , she started the organization in honor of her son Marshall. 

For more than 10 years Roberson has helped moms navigate their lives with autistic children…. especially through education.

“ whether it’s about Katie Beckett, knowing your child’s IEP’s knowing the signs of what’s going on with your child also being able to put that niche in where it’s needed to get the ABA therapy when it’s time to get it” said Roberson.

And creating a bond with others along the way. Roberson says the goal is to give parents early intervention for their children. 

 “make sure that we have it where at two and three years old they’re already starting to get the ABA they need because see here in Georgia they can start school at three so that’s the good part about it” said Roberson.

She also says she hopes to continue to spread as much knowledge as possible.

“it brings a lot of awareness for us. It also gives us a Saturday together that we can get up with the kids come out do something eat just enjoy yourself talking learning more about autism because the spectrum is very” said Roberson.

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