Local man left for dead after hit and run on a motorcycle


NORTH AUGUSTA, G.A. (WJFB) – A local man was left for dead after he was hit while riding his motorcycle in North Augusta. He joins his family in calling for the person who hit him to come forward.

“They just left me there, they didn’t stop to check on me, they just left,” said Joshua Hadaway.

Hadaway may not remember much from that night, but one of the things he does remember is, he was headed home.

“Going down Belvedere, Clear Water road, and from what I gathered from the pictures and what everybody told me the car pulled out and hit me broadside, which sent me into the road,” he said.

He says he was knocked off his bike, and thrown nearly 30 yards up the road, into the tree line. His body was left lying in a ditch. The person who hit him left the scene.

He says, “The fact that they didn’t even come back to check on me, not even worry about picking up their bumper at all, they just didn’t care.”

The car that hit him was damaged as well.

“We have a large portion of the bumper and grill and it does appear to be a dark blue Nissan Sedan,” said Joshua’s wife, Amanda Hadaway.

“There’s no way they couldn’t have felt me my bike. It took the entire front end of their car, there’s no way, my bike is a thousand pound bike, if you hit that you’re going to know it,” said Joshua Hadaway.

His bike was totaled after the accident, and with the injuries Hadaway suffered, he’s lucky to still be alive.

Before and after photos of Hadaway’s Bike

“He did have a couple of brain bruises and brain bleeding that they did have to watch for a couple of days, and thankfully everything turned out okay, but with the brain you never know,” said Amanda Hadaway.

Hadaway’s wife Amanda, says besides the head injury, he suffered road rash when he slid on the concrete. He also had large visible bruises, thankfully he was wearing the proper gear while riding, but even that was destroyed after the accident. Hadaway says the biggest issue here is community safety.

“It certainly is a grave injustice to him, but we really want to try and be able to prevent this from happening to someone else,” she said.

The family hopes someone will come forward, but they’re also calling on the community to help.

“I am very loved, obviously, but the fact that you left me there to die shows me that you are the lowest form of person I’ve ever met, just be an adult, do the right thing,” he said.

And even though, Hadaway almost lost his life doing what he loves, he says that nothing will keep him off those two wheels.

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