AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- “The impact that gun violence has had in this city has been major, you’ve had a number of young people who’ve been killed,” said Rev. Larry Fryer.

While walking News Channel 6 near a local cemetery, Rev. Larry Fryer speaks about the death toll of victims due to gun violence, especially young black men.

Rev. Fryer says he has seen plenty of victims buried in this cemetery throughout the years and hopes it will stop.

June is gun violence awareness month.

Many people are working to raise awareness about the impact of violence in the community….

Rev. Fryer says parents educating their children is the first step in the prevention of gun violence.

“I think that it is important that they are educated on what guns are what they do how we can prevent it how they can work together with other peers in order to help bring a change in our community “

And some residents say it’s time for a change …..

“They should do something about it” said Barbara Elmore, lives in Olmstead Townhomes.

Barbara Elmore has been living in the Olmstead Townhome community for 14 years and has seen more gun violence than she can count.

She says she sits on her porch everyday and hopes one day it will be safe for her and for children in the neighborhood.

She also says parents should take more action.

“They should keep it out the way to where they can’t get a hold to it if they gone have a gun.”

“Listen and ask questions and hear what other kids who may come to their homes are talking about and not only save their children’s lives but probably save their own lives. ” said Rev. Fryer