Local law enforcement give the gift of checking on your home while you’re away


North Augusta, South Carolina (WJBF) – If you’re planning to be away from home for the holidays, there’s a way to get some help keeping an eye on things.

It’s known as “holiday watch” where you can inform your local law enforcement that you’ll be out of town for a few days… or even weeks and they will stop by your home each day until you get back.

“Less people that know I’m away, the more comfortable i feel,” said Harvey Maisel, North Augusta.

If you’re leaving town for the holidays, law enforcement is giving the gift of keeping an eye on your home.

“And let us know what they’re going out of town and we’ll go by and check on there residents and make sure everything is secure and nothings been tampered with while they’re out of town,” said Officer Kristopher Howard, North Augusta Public Safety.

After speaking with a few residents of north Augusta, some say their neighbors are usually the ones that watch their homes.

“I right now have very watchful neighbor across the street and I don’t think i would want or need public safety at this point,” said Harvey Maisel, North Augusta.

However some think that extra layer of security is a good idea.

“I would contact both because i want to be doubly safe,” said Bill Marsh, lives in Augusta.

“If I had been in the neighborhood and had no one to watch to house I would consider it,” said Harvey Maisel, North Augusta.

And North Augusta Public Safety Officer Kristopher Howard says they get tons of calls, especially around the holidays. He says even when residents go on vacation calling public safety is recommended but not required.

“It’s real easy for us to go by and check anytime during the day whether the house has been tampered with just to make sure everything is okay while they are out of town,” said Officer Kristopher Howard, North Augusta Public Safety.

“Another thing i do is contact the post office and tell them im going to be out of town for a certain number of days so I don’t get mail delivered there,” said Bill Marsh, lives in Augusta.

The program is available through most public safety and sheriff’s offices.  Just call them to find out more.

And we also want to note, it’s available year-round, but officers say they definitely get more calls during the holidays.

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