AIKEN COUNTY, SC. (WJBF) – Leo Amburn and her husband woke up to the smell of smoke early Sunday morning – and found that there was a guitar amplifier on fire in one room of their house.

“I said ‘move, I’ll do it myself,'” Amburn said to her husband while the fire was burning. “I went into my kitchen, grabbed a pot and filled it up with water and kept throwing pots of water on it.”

Shortly after that, she said the Aiken County Fire Department and volunteers from the American Red Cross showed up to help put out the flames and offer financial support.

“We want to meet with them just to discuss everything, make sure everything’s covered,” said Don Schoenecker, one of the Red Cross volunteers that arrived at the scene. “There’s also the financial transaction, [and] making sure that everything’s handled correctly on that to get them support.”

Red Cross gave the couple gift cards to replace any personal items lost in the fire and to help cover the cost of damages.

Amburn wants other homeowners to learn from her experience.

“If you’re not using something, make certain you cut it off or unplug it,” she said. “Whichever you more feel more secure with.”

According to The Red Cross, the number of house fires rises during the fall and winter seasons, and they’re urging people to test their smoke alarms and have an escape plan in place.

“Having a fire alarm is so important,” Schoenecker said. “This can happen to anybody. We’ve been to trailer homes to very nice houses that catch on fire. It’s an accident, nobody plans for this, and you’re stuck trying to recover.”

In the event of a fire, people can contact 1-800-RED-CROSS for additional support after notifying their local fire department.

“I feel like if it hadn’t been for the Lord, I would’ve never got that fire put out,” Amburn said. “I never really would’ve known what to do, but I thought – well God, I’m going to try.”