AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Upcoming lower temperatures could be tough for the homeless population in the CSRA, and shelters are in need of supplies.

Garden City Rescue Mission in Augusta provides shelter and resources for homeless men in the area.

“Even if we can’t house them, we try to help them,” said Patrick Feistel, the executive director of GCRM. “So if they come in and they need something, then we’re obviously going to help them.”

The shelter can only sleep around 60 people per night, but they’re expecting more when the colder weather hits.

“Through the week as it starts getting colder, we’ll open up our parking lot,” Feistel said. “We have shelters around here on the outside, so if it’s raining they can come out of the rain until our check in time.”

Clothing, blankets, food, toiletry items and other supplies are things the shelter is constantly in need of.

Workers and those who stay at the shelter are urging people to donate because of the positive impact it has on the community members in need.

“There’s such a love of God,” said Mitchel Morris, a resident and worker at GCRM. “The people that come in on holidays, they just come in and give donations and it’s just like ‘wow.’ I’ve got three things I’ve never had in my entire life: eternal peace, eternal love and eternal joy.”

People can donate to GCRM on their website, in-person or by mail.