AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- The legacy of educators at Thomson High School continues, as special education teacher and former Thomson high student Christan Rosier gave a speech to 13 seniors at the future educators signing day.

The school held a ceremony for students committing to a career in education as part of a partnership with Future Georgia Educators.

“I want to teach students to not only learn and learn their standards but also to learn love and compassion and grace and I think that’s something that nationwide were lacking” said Christan Rosier, Special education teacher.

Cameron Frails and Aubrey Bentley were two of the students signing on the dotted line. They say this has been a dream since freshman year.

“I always knew I wanted to be a teacher a future educator ever since the ninth grade I had a coach his name was Coach Wright and he taught mathematics and coached track so I knew I kind of wanted to be like him” said Cameron Frails, senior.

” I’ve always wanted to fall in the footsteps of teachers like Mrs. Whatley and Mrs. Thomas my math teacher and make an impact on other students and be able to be that teacher they can come to” said Aubrey Bentley, senior.

Lori Whatley is the early childhood education instructors and has been a teacher for 27 years.  Whatley says she is grateful students want to fall in her footsteps

” It is very exciting I love this day more than any day in the year because it’s a chance for me to recognize them and for their achievements to be recognized and the fact that they want to be a teacher when people come to high school, they don’t want to be a teacher” said Whatley

Nikita : As their names were called one by one parents and peers cheered them on.

Whatley says it’s important that these students add to the value that millions of other teachers have in their classroom when they start their career

“We have a teacher shortage nationwide and so we need and our main goals in schools should be to recruit people who do want to enter the education profession” said Whatley.

And in the end….

“ Go beyond your highest dreams possible what we try to do in our special education departments or our whole team of educators we try to push our kids beyond what potential they think they have because a lot of times students have been taught this is what you can do and this is what you can reach and they can reach far far more than that” said Rosier