AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- Governor Brian Kemp signed the heartbeat bill in 2019, it went into effect in July.

Now a Fulton county judge says it violates Georgia’s constitution that protects a right to privacy and liberty, and has overturned the state’s ban on abortion after six weeks.

The director of Augusta Care Pregnancy Center disagrees with it.

“The law I thought was a good law I mean Alabama has one of the best laws and some other states but it was doing what it should do” said Susan Swanson Executive Director Augusta Care Pregnancy Center.

Swanson says if a heartbeat is detected – women still have options.

” I mean the point is you’re giving space to women to get care I mean that’s what our center does is help women this afternoon I was helping women that were homeless you know three women that were homeless” said Swanson

Although some abortion clinics have closed,  those remaining open may turn women around after a heartbeat is detected.

Susan Swanson Exec Dir Augusta Care Pregnancy Center :

” Georgia is the biggest abortion states really in the south it has been so your issue is a money making industry you have to understand the people who run these clinics make millions so you have to think about are they doing it for the women or doing it for the money they make”

We did reach out to local lawmakers on this decision but didn’t hear back.