Local Firefighters Raising Money for a Former Chief With a Flesh Eating Disease


Local Firefighters are coming together to raise money for a fellow brother.

Donnie Cook is a 27 year veteran of Couchton, South Carolina’s Volunteer Fire Department.

Recently he was diagnosed with a rare and terrifying disease called Necrotizing Fasciitis, otherwise known as the flesh eating disease.

Now, his friends and family are asking for your help.

“Donnie’s given 26 years of his life in the fire service as a volunteer, 12 years as a chief running the department, and he needs our help,” Chief Dennis Jackson with New Holland Fire Department said.

A man who has put his life on the line countless times is now battling a crippling disease.

Necrotizing fasciitis only affects about 600 people every year, volunteer firefighter, Donnie Cook is now one of those people.

“Everybody in the fire service in Aiken County knows Donnie, and they know that Donnie is the guy, he could be in North Augusta, he could be in Belvedere, and if they got a structure fire, or a call he’s going to ride by, and just say ‘hey you need a hand’ and that’s Donnie,” Jackson explained.

The man always lending a hand, now needed one. So it was a no brainer for New Holland Fire Chief Dennis Jackson and Assistant Chief Mark Chase to create and donate to a Go Fund me account for their fellow brother.

Jackson explained to News Channel 6 what Donnie Cook means to the community, “I don’t know how many times we’ve been on structure fires or other calls that I didn’t call any help, but here comes Donnie rolls up, ‘hey you need anything.’ Anything I can do for you?”

Tears well up in Jackson’s eyes as he recalls the many times Cook has been there for him.

“We had an incident on the interstate one time… A lady was actually, they had pushed her car up the interstate, and it got sideswiped by a tractor trailer, and Donnie came and relieved me on that scene, and I’m glad he did, cause I had probably seen more than I wanted to see that night… and I didn’t call him he just came,” Jackson remembered.

That’s why Jackson is challenging other fire departments and communities to give back to a man who has given much to them.

If you’re interested in donating you can do so by going to Cook’s GoFundMe Page.

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