AUGUSTA. GA (WJBF) – Beyond Casual Media, a local film production company, is filming an independent supernatural thriller called Applewood in one of Augusta’s massive historical mansions in the Summerville area.

Photography courtesy of IMDb

Director Robert Hollocks who wears many hats such as co-writer and producer says what makes this movie special is that from craft services to the production team and acting roles are filled with a majority of local talent.

“Every person in this film is a local actor. And we have four main leads. Actually, there are a couple
people coming in from out of state, but everybody else is local,” said Hollocks.

One of the leading actors is Kate Dailey. Dailey has been living in Augusta for several years, but originally is from a small town in Minnesota. Dailey expounded on the local comradery between her and the film crew:

“We have such talented professionals. Every single person that I found out that you know…
it was like the first day of school coming back. When we started principal photography we were like oh hey good to see you. Oh my gosh, I didn’t realize that you were working here on this. And it’s not just people that it’s fun to work with these are people that are really good professionals and if I had a choice to work with them these are the people I would choose every time,” said Dailey.

Photography courtesy of IMDb

Dailey confirmed that the title of the film derives from a historical element that the mansion’s foundation is built upon.

“It has to deal with the house that my character buys. So, Applewood is the name of the house and the family who back in the historical hay day in the 1890s of the original family who built this house,” said Dailey.

Hollocks revealed that the theme of the thriller will be about how to come to terms with grief and the loss of a loved one, but also how important it is that you don’t have to go through that on your own.

Hollocks mentioned that the film crew will be here for the next couple of weeks and Applewood will be ready by the Fall.