Local couple say they were targeted by phone scam


THOMSON, Ga. (WJBF)- A Thomson couple says they lost more than $200 in a phone scam. They say a caller said they could lower their Direct TV payments, and they fell for it largely because the call came from a legitimate Direct TV phone number.

Wesley and Candace Smith were skeptical when they got a call from AT&T Direct TV offering them a promotion.

They say a caller told them if they bought an Amazon gift card for $240 and paid with it up front, their monthly bill would be reduced from about $140 a month to $59 a month for two years.

“They said Amazon was putting on the promotion and paying the difference and all that,” Wesley said.

That would have saved them more than $1,600.

“And I told her, ‘well, call the number back just to see if it’s really them.’ And it really was Direct TV,” he said.

An AT&T spokesperson confirms to NewsChannel 6 that the number is a legitimate AT&T number.

The Smiths took the bait, buying the gift card, calling the number back and reading the gift card number to the person on the other end of the line.

They say they were told they wouldn’t receive bills for the next few months…the $240 would pay for it.

But Wednesday, they received the same $140 bill they get every month.

“I’m ticked. It was stupid,” Wesley said. “You know we count on that money, and we don’t have it now.”

They called AT&T and Amazon. They say both said they would launch investigations. They say the number was disconnected after they reported it, but when we called, the call went through.

The person on the other end said they did not see such a payment on the account, and then claimed that AT&T does not offer a promotion like that.

We reached out to AT&T. A spokesperson tells us they will reach out to Mr. Smith as part of the investigation. They also say if customers should call the number on their bill if they get a call or email they’re not sure is legitimate. You can find more info on possible scams here.

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