Local committee gets to work on 2020 Census


CLICK HERE to apply to work for the 2020 Census effort.

Soon, census workers will start gathering information from local neighborhoods. They have already started to identify some of the homeless populations so that they can be counted.

Augusta’s Complete Count Committee is gearing up for the big event and they met on Wednesday.

Augusta University Athletic Director Clint Bryant is the Co-chair for the committee along with South State Bank Executive Vice President Robert Osborne. We talked to coach Bryant on Thursday about some of the stuff they are working on.

Bryant has been at AU for 32 years and most people know him as “Coach.” Mayor Hardie Davis asked him to be apart of Augusta’s local census committee and he eagerly agreed because he believes in the importance of the census for his community.

“[The census] is about being counted so we can take advantage in this community of the dollars it represents,” Coach Bryant says.

Coach Bryant is one of about 30 members part of the Augusta complete count committee.

“With 11 or 12 subcommittees in various areas of government, faith based, education, non-profits and so forth and so on so we’re going to miss anybody,” Coach Bryant explains.

Hee says, in the past, Augusta has missed out.

“In both the 2000 census and the 2010 census, we didn’t score very well. 71% and 72% responded. 70% of anything is a “C” and we need better in Augusta. We need a “A” work,” the athletic director says.

One of the committee’s goals is to have a 90% response rate this year, which Coach Bryant says starts with education.

“Getting people comfortable because sometimes you mention the Federal Government and people go– what do they want? what are they looking for?” Coach Bryant says.

He gives a brief overview for how the census will go.

“You will get something in the mail and then you will be able to go online or you can even telephone in information, but when people don’t respond, that’s when they will send the numerators out to knock on doors,” Coach Bryant explains.

He points out the census is much bigger than just a head count.

“The 2020 census is so important to our community because with it it involves a lot of dollars and a lot of resources that could come to this community,” Coach Bryant says.

The Augusta Complete Count committee will hold an event on Tuesday to share more information with the public about the 2020 census.

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