AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- “To be able to go to school and not worry too much about paying back that’s for example I’m in the respiratory therapy field so we are in like maybe 40 to 50,000 a year” said Christopher Duruh, student at Augusta University.

 Students at Augusta University are breathing a little easier after President Joe Biden announced his plans to forgive up to $20,000 worth of student loan debt for borrowers.

Christopher Duruh is getting ready to graduate. He says even though all of his student loans won’t be forgiven, it still will help.

“It lessens  the burden on certain things and it can help me start my life a lot quicker than maybe it was before” 

 And the same goes for other students…

“ Definitely  in the back your head for the most part I’m about to graduate where it’s like i’m about to graduate where I have to pay all of that back and you look at the number and you’re like that’s a lot of money I have to pay back and send it Sam will be taking off that’s a relief today“ said Zach Walters, AU student.

 “ For those who don’t  have scholarship A kind of also lessons you’re stress and for those who do it  minimizes the stress factor like I said so they can better focus on your education” said Daniel Sedzro, AU student.

Senior Zach Walter says, he believes if this loan forgiveness had happened sooner, more students would have stayed enrolled in college…. especially those from low income families,

 “ I know a lot of friends of mine that didn’t do college because they couldn’t afford it they assumed that it was too much so they dropped out so the fact that it’s been taken off if they were human it was happening they probably would have stayed in” 

And for those who are still considering …

“I do believe that this will definitely like push more people towards like college now because a lot of people don’t even give college a thought” said Sedzro.