Local church talks security on Easter Sunday


NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF)–  Today was the busiest Sunday of the year for church’s across the C.S.R.A. Easter Sunday is a time to celebrate with friends and family. But this year, churches nationwide are making security a priority.

The past Palm Sunday was a dark day in Egypt. Suicide bombings at two Christian Churches left 45 people dead and more than one hundred wounded.

Egypt is beefing up security today, but it’s not alone. Churches across America are broadening safety measures, too.

Lead Pastor of TrueNorth Church, Steve Davis, said Easter Sunday is debatably the busiest day out of the year at his church.

“People are more prone to come to church and be involved in what God is doing simply because both of those holidays, Christmas and Easter, point us to Easter– his birth and his resurrection,” Pastor Steve explained.

Located right off the freeway in North Augusta, a church security guard admitted the location could be an easy target for danger.

“Just to be quite honest I believe it would be naive on our part to believe that. There are bad people in this world that want to do bad things, unfortunately, so we always need to be prepared for that and have realistic expectations that that could happen,” church volunteer, Stephanie Williams, said.

This church, like many others, takes security seriously– not just on Easter, but everyday. So much so, the security guards felt it was best not to speak on camera… to protect their identity.

A TrueNorth member shared how he feels about feeling safe in church.

“We have North Augusta Public Safety here. We also have security here, walking around and a safety team in case anyone gets hurt, or if they’re just ill. They have a plan in place, and I think that’s very helpful to make you feel safe in a church of this size,” Daniel Long, a church member said.

Pastor Steve shared a concluding thought about Christianity in today’s day and time: “When it comes to the persecution of Christians, many don’t know this, but there are more Christians being persecuted around the world today than ever in the history of the world. Because of the faith in believing that Jesus is the way, the truth and life, it often brings people under persecution.”

Pastor Steve said the world is smaller as a result of the internet and technology. This makes citizens more aware than ever of events, like what took place this past Holy Week. Pastor Steve said this gives us an opportunity to pray and care for those going through persecution.

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