AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF )- According to Food Bank leaders.. there’s always a fight for hunger…

“ With the back to school just now beginning with our youth in the community here I think it’s very appropriate that we address those families who have children” said Henry Baptiste with Good Shepard Baptist Church.

 Golden Harvest food bank and Good Shepard Baptist church gave away hundreds of food boxes to families.

Each box is 33 pounds with things like cereal, juice, fruits, and other nutritious meals.  A line wrapped around the building Monday with people receiving two boxes per car.  

“ over this summer, we received a lot of money from the state for the Georgia nutrition assistance program which allows the focus funding towards feeding families with children to several these boxes of Josie out here this distribution going into cars are going directly to families with children” said Mathew Enfinger with Golden Harvest.

 And it’s always room for people with no kids.

“we have a second package that we have for those adults. Courtlyn may not have children. They look at the thought is here they didn’t want to come see who has a need they’re not gonna leave her empty-handed.” said Baptiste.

Golden Harvest also has a food pantry to help families on a daily basis..

“we’re hearing the same story. Every time there’s more and more folks in the in the line who have  never gone to a food pantry before we’re definitely facing some different times now and in hunger takes No vacation” said Enfinger.

You can keep up with, and volunteer to help for, upcoming  food distributions on the Golden Harvest Food Bank  Facebook page.