AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A local church is calling on the Augusta community to pray for the more than 60 individuals from Augusta who are in Israel right now.

“We know through prayer and faith, it moves mountains. Just believing that God is hearing our prayers and that God is answering our prayers and everything will be find with them we just stand on that” said Gregory Shields, attending prayer service.

Miles Memorial CME Church opened its doors to the community Wednesday, praying for  people in Russia, Ukraine, and those from Augusta currently on tour in  Israel.

“We thought it would be important for us to just open the doors for anyone who might want to come and pray for peace and security” said Dr. Rev. Larry Fryer, Miles Memorial CME Church pastor.

Members of the church say they believe there is power in prayer. 

“Man can do so much God has to do the rest and only through prayer a lot of things can be changed because the fact that no matter what man can do God can do a lot of things” said Eileen Jones, Attending prayer service.

Miles Memorial CME Church pastor Dr. Rev. Larry Fryer says this is something they hope to do again. “We certainly would like to continue in doing these kind of things and of course we’re waiting for the delegation to get back from overseas and should they want to have something we open miles memorial to that as well.”

“I just think that this is the opportunity for those that couldn’t make it or can’t make it to the church be standing with them as they’re standing together and I think it’s something all churches should take part in and just standing in the gap for those at this time “ said Gregory Shields, Attending prayer service.

Another prayer vigil will beheld Thursday night.

It starts at 7pm at the Adas Yeshurun Synagogue on Johns Road in Augusta.

Anyone is invited to attend.