LINCOLN COUNTY, GA ( WJBF) — Voting and civil rights activists who gathered outside of the Lincoln County Board of Elections Office Wednesday say voting is a right.

“For us the right to vote is really a moral obligation and a sacred right,” Executive director of The People’s Agenda Helen Butler said.

However, its one they say could be suppressed if Lincoln County Board of Election leaders move forward with a proposal to change the number of polling locations  from seven to one.

In a county the size of  Lincoln, civil rights activist Denise Freeman said one polling location could limit the amount of people able to get the polls.

“Every community does not have public transportation. Every community does not have access to a car,” Freeman said.

The proposal was on the agenda for a vote Wednesday night — but after many residents voiced opposition election board leaders adjourned the meeting.

“I thought it was ridiculous to adjourn. This was an opportunity where they had the biggest number of citizens at one place and one time,” Freeman said.

Voting rights activists from groups like the People’s Agenda and Black Voters Matter delivered a petition to oppose the proposal — they said they will continue to fight to keep the proposal from moving forward.”

“We will take any necessary steps whether that’s litigation or doing another petition drive to make sure that people are able to exercise their right to vote,” Butler said.