Leaving a legacy: Augusta Prep and Westminster celebrate four-peats


AUGUSTA, Ga.–   Over the past school year, several local high school teams won state championships.

But only two schools accomplished a one-of-a-kind feat.

Banks Collier/Auguta Prep senior:  “We were all kind of in shock, winning every single year in high school is kind of unheard of, I mean not many people can say that.”

Mike Freace/Westminster Boys Soccer Coach:  “Excitement not just for our whole team but for our seniors. I know how much they had put into our program and how much they wanted to accomplish something special.”

Four for four. All four state championships in all four years of high school. Most ahtletes just want to win one, winning four is just unheard of.

Jessica Powell/Augusta Prep senior: “We were so happy. We all came off the field and went straight to tom and i’ve never seen him so happy. he was super happy. was smiling from ear to ear.”

Tom Norton/Augusta Prep Girls Soccer coach: “It’s great. You know, every team has been a little bit different. you know, a different road each time. Four finals against four different opponents and so it’s been great and to do it four times in a row is cool because there’s three girls here that were here for all four of them so it’s great to have seniors that have won four championships.”

Cale McLarnon/Westminster junior:

“It leaves a legacy, for sure. big legacy. Just proud, proud of the team and the seniors i’ve got to play with the past four years.”

Mike Freace/Westminster Prep coach: “We talked about after the game about over the four years the highlights they had the relationships they built. They certainly accomplished a lot but I think being on bus trip on the way home you would’ve seen the relationship they built with the guys and how much it meant to them.”

Tom Norton/Augusta Prep coach: “There’s been three of the them that have been here for four years and experienced all of that and we’ve had a lot of other girls that have come and gone in that time frame that have been a huge part of it. It’s a real special, special group of kids.”

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