Law suit dismissed in case claiming illegal appointment of Judge Jesse Stone to Augusta Superior Court by Georgia Governor


A judge’s gavel is shown in a file photo. (Credit: iStock / Getty Images Plus)

BURKE COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Senior Judge Michael Karpf, issued an order Thursday, dismissing a case filed in Burke County Superior Court against Judge Jesse Stone.

The lawsuit, filed by lawyer Maureen Floyd, petitioned against Stone’s appointment as Augusta Superior Court Judge by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

According to the Judge’s Order, “Governor Kemp accepted Judge Annis’s resignation on December 20, 2019 but did not appoint Judge Jesse C. Stone until February 22, 2021. The petitioner contends the Governor’s appointment was unlawful and that Judge Stone has no right to occupy the office of judge of superior court in the Augusta circuit”.

To read the full Judge’s Order, CLICK HERE.

The case was presided over by Senior Judge Michael Karpf, who was assigned the case by special appointment after all Burke County judges recused themselves in relation to the case.

According to the orders, “the petition is dismissed for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted, and thus permission to file for the writ is denied”.

Judge Stone rose to the bench after Judge Michael Annis resigned December 11, 2019. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp appointed Stone to the Augusta Superior Court judgeship February 22, 2021.