Laughing All The Way: From SNL To South Carolina

The Means Report: Graphic for book "Irritable Bowels and the People That Give You Them"
The Means Report: Graphic for book “Irritable Bowels and the People That Give You Them”

Everyone has them – people in their lives that make them nervous or uncomfortable. Most of the time we might try to avoid them. Sometimes, though, that simply isn’t possible. Terry Sweeney has encountered plenty of those people over the course of his life – from his “no nonsense” mom to school bullies and even agents and neighbors. Sweeney has combined all of those stories, which made him the man he is today, into a brand new book.

Sweeney can probably be best remembered for his impersonation of Nancy Reagan on the hit show “Saturday Night Live”. He also co-wrote the movie “Shag”, appeared on “Seinfeld” and wrote and produced for Mad-TV. Recently Sweeney sat down with guest host of “The Means Report”, Jennie Montgomery, to discuss his new book “Irritable Bowels and the People That Give You Them”.

The stories Sweeney shares are sure to leave just about anyone in stitches. Even though the experiences are Sweeney’s alone, it’s not hard to relate to the feelings – or the people – he describes through his humorous stories.

To find out more about Terry Sweeney and his book “Irritable Bowels and the People That Give You Them”, you can visit his website. You can also purchase his book through Amazon.

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