Last minute holiday shopping underway for Christmas


AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – Holiday shoppers are scrambling to get gifts finished in time for Christmas.

Parking lots were filled around the Augusta Exchange Center with parents getting last minute gifts for kids, dad duties, stocking stuffers, and more. NewsChannel 6 wanted to get a closer look into the lives of many shoppers today as they prepare for the big day.

“First stop at target, got a lot more stops today,” Shopper, Jeremy Jones said.

“If you’ve got anybody else on this list don’t be afraid to come out and get what you need,” Shopper, Carolyn Sowder said.

Nothing only are shoppers adding finishing touches for Christmas with many people out, but traffic is another issue shopper tend to face.

“Just trying to battle the lines and the traffic,” Shopper, Landon Dawson said.

“I’m not a fan of standing in lines, really tests your patience this time of year,” Shopper, Jeremy Jones said

It’s often thought that men wait till the last minute to buy gifts, but we saw men and women doing shopping. And we wanted to know who is the better last minute shopper.

“As far as convenience, i would say the women,” Shopper, Landon Dawson said.“Women i think they are pretty smart with the online shopping and getting out and getting it done so they don’t have to worry about it,” Shopper, Jeremy Jones said

“I guess it all depends on the individual but i see more women out than i do guys,” Shopper, Carolyn Sowder said.

Women seemed to pick the most as best last minute shoppers.

“Women because they’re much more organized” Shopper, Emily Eubanks said.

Man… Woman… Regardless of who is the better shopper, everyone is sharing tips on how to get the gifts purchased before the big day.

“Probably don’t bring your 2 year old” Shopper, Carolyn Sowder said.

What i found is ordering online say like at Target, you can pick up at the stores that way you are in and out,” Shopper, Landon Dawson said.

“Come earlier in the day than later, because it wont be as busy,” Shopper, Landon Dawson added.

Happy Holidays from WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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