AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- Students at 3 Richmond County schools return to the classroom after a shooting at T.W. Josey High School.

It happened last Wednesday in the school’s cafeteria. Since then, Josey, Murphy Middle and the Marion Barnes Career Center have been closed.

NewsChannel 6’s Kim Vickers sat down with one student to find out how she feels about going back to school today.

Makayla Booker is a senior at Josey High school. She was in the cafeteria last Wednesday when the shooting happened.

She said she heard the shot and took off running, looking for her two brothers who are also students at Josey.

Booker explained she is scared to go back to school and considered transferring, but doesn’t want to let this to ruin her senior year.

“I just feel like we should go back because we’re there to get our education. I’m there to graduate. Get my education and graduate. And I just feel like it shouldn’t jeopardize our education.”

Booker explained that after the shooting at Josey’s homecoming game last year- that she was also attending-she hoped nothing like that would happen again.

For her and many other students, events on Wednesday were traumatizing and there is a lot of fear about returning to school.

She said it was traumatizing and credits teachers and police with keeping everyone safe.

“I’m proud of the teachers and the staff for keeping us safe. They did follow protocol even though everybody’s nerves was bad. They did make sure we were safe. I want to say thank you to the deputies- to keep us safe– keep all of us all safe as one,” Booker said.

We did reach out to the district to see if any additional security measures would be put in place, but we haven’t heard back.

Today, the district will have counselors on hand in the schools for anyone who needs them.