Jordan Trotter discuss exciting future for the region

The Means Report: Jordan Trotter Discusses Exciting Future For The Region graphic
The Means Report: Jordan Trotter Discusses Exciting Future For The Region graphic

Augusta, GA — Augusta is becoming a hub for growth in the state. With a thriving medical community, a growing university and college presence, and the introduction of Cyber Command and the Cyber Institute people are flocking to the garden city. That means growth for the business community as well. That is growth that Troy Jordan and Dennis Trotter of Jordan Trotter Commercial Realty see every day.

The business partners sat down with Brad Means to discuss the exciting ventures they are seeing. One of those is the growth of the Village at Riverwatch. The development has seen great success with Cabela’s, Costco, and the Riverwatch Luxury Cinemas, but there is still fifty-five acres that can be developed. Also, a 260 unit luxury apartment complex is about to be built at the location, offering access to the canal as well as many other top of the line amenities.

It is not just that area of Augusta that is growing, though. Downtown is springing to life with new businesses, as wells as the medical district and Walton Way corridor. Plus, after years of what some consider neglect, South Augusta is finally seeing some great growth and is becoming a highly sought after part of the city.

These are just a few of the exciting ventures that Troy Jordan and Dennis Trotter share with the viewers in an interview that you will only see on The Means Report.

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