JENNIE: Stan Byrdy and Donnie Hixon with the story behind “the other 22″… Against All Odds


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– My next guest did time at the Georgia State Prison in Reidsville back in the early 1970s. Donnie Hixon spent nine weeks there back in 1973 as part of the cast of “The Longest Yard!”

Hixon was selected as Burt Reynolds’ stand-in double for the film. He had a semi-pro football career himself. You were playing for the Augusta Eagles, which was a semi-pro team back then, and they used you all, some of you players, in the movie?

“Pat Studstill, who played pro-football, he was a casting director and he was in Atlanta looking for people, and he called up Information and Augusta Eagles, being an A, was listed first, and he called them and then Dr Klucher, who owned the team, he was the one who got talking to him. We wound up being in it. They shoulda got Savannah. Savannah Football Team was closer, but that’s how we got into this. 15 players that got into it.”

Stan Brydy is an author, speaker, historical researcher, and writer, video journalist, and documentary producer, and of course many of you will recognize him from his 23 years as a sports director here at Augusta TV, at WJBF, and at WAGT. Stan’s latest book is Against All Odds: the Donnie Hixon Story.

“I moved across the street from him 21 years ago in a subdivision. Over the years, I got to know his stories. Local stories of national interest. That’s always been my forte and this is just one of those. I’m just glad that I got to do Donnie’s story. “

Read more about 22TheBook here.

You can buy the book at local retailers and on Amazon, by clicking this link.

Stan and Donnie will be doing a talk and book signing Thursday, Jan 30th from 6:30-8pm at Sacred Heart Cultural Center, 1301 Greene Street.

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