TELEVISION PARK–  We have a very special Mother’s Day show for you today. In fact, it’s a mother’s day 50 years in the making.

In May of 1967, a teenager in North Carolina was pregnant — and her parents sent her to live with a relative in Augusta and have the baby.

That baby would grow up like many other adopted children, with questions about her birth family.  We brought you the stories in a documentary called Finding Birth Families–  and one of the women in it was Sandra Schmeiden.

Sandra says she grew up in a loving and happy family, but she carried a hole in her heart.

“You try to find out on your own but records are sealed- or if you go on a website you don’t have anything to research with… so where do you start?”

Sandra’s story started October 18, 1967 at St. Joseph Hospital. She was one of 8 baby girls born there that day, only one left the hospital without a name… and it was Baby Girl Martin.

49 years later, Masters Week in the Garden City, after years of searching, and so many dead ends, Sandra and Becky finally found  each other on April 3rd through an adoption registry website they both had joined,

This show is about their story.  Watch the link above!

What a special afternoon with Sandra and Becky!  It’s so heartwarming to see circumstances in life come full circle, as Sandra said.

If you are lucky enough to still have your mom, I hope you will take time to honor her  on this Mother’s Day. Pick up the phone– let her hear your voice!  No texting!!

You can find the link to our documentary, Finding Birth Families,  just click this link.