Jennie: PCOS advocacy is an important mission for WJBF’s Renetta DuBose


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)— September is PCOS Awareness month. That stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It’s a serious genetic hormonal and metabolic reproductive disorder that impacts 15% of women.

In March, WJBF’s Renetta DuBose participated in PCOS Advocacy Day in Washington, DC. Renetta, thank you so much for coming and being on the show, I think you’re very brave to be so open about your struggle. Tell me about your journey with it.

“I lived in the dark about PCOS for several years when I just didn’t know what do to, why I was in pain, why I had missed periods, depression. And this was probably 2006 when I was diagnosed. But it was a really dark moment where I was really confused about my body in my early 20s.”

She got little information from her doctor at the time, so she did a lot of research on her own. In time, “Dr. Renetta” was answering questions from friends and strangers who looked to her for information about PCOS.

Then she got involved with others who have PCOS.

“I saw on Facebook a free PCOS symposium in Atlanta. I went, Tweeted and Facebooked everything I learned… a year after that they said, ‘We’d like to invite you on our Patient Advisory Board- the PCOS Challenge‘ and the rest is history.”

Her best advice to women who are struggling with painful periods is to see a doctor.

“What we want to, in the advocacy world, press is you have to make sure that you go to the doctor. You have to make sure that you talk about this, raise awareness, and that will lead to, hopefully, getting a cure. And I encourage going to see a reproductive endocrinologist, even if you’re not trying to have a child just yet, because they see PCOS a little bit more than maybe your GYN.”

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