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TELEVISION PARK–  Episode 38 segments described below. Click the video above to watch Episode 38 without commercial breaks.Priscilla Gary and Ladies Life

Priscilla Gary is an entrepreneur and motivational speaker who will get you fired up to be your best self.  This go-getter is empowering women and helping people find their purpose. She’s offering a new opportunity for women in the CSRA, beginning next week.

It’s called Ladies Life and it will help enhance your personal and professional development through a series of monthly seminars for women in business. Ladies Life will take place every third Friday of the month beginning May 19th. For more information or to register ($20) go to  The seminars take lace in the former Metro Augusta Chamber building, at 600 Broad Street.  Doors open at 6:00pm.  (Other 2017 dates are 6/16, 7/21, 8/18, 9/15, 10/15, 11/17 and 12/15.)

Augusta Magazine recognized Priscilla as one of the Top 10 Young Professionals 2015, calling her a “double threat as both a corporate career woman and an entrepreneur.”

As owner and founder of Enhanced Career Services, Gary provides assistance to businesses and individuals in the areas of preparatory career readiness, job skills training and business partnership services. Enhanced Career Services.GA Renaissance Festival

John and Ginny Green, our costumed King and lady-in-waiting who visited in studio, have participated in the GA Renaissance Festival for the last 15 years.  They share some delightful stories in the video at the top of the page.

The Georgia Renaissance Festival a full day of fun, food and entertainment for the whole family! It’s just outside Atlanta–  and you have three more weekends to scoot up I-20 and check it out!!

Step inside the gates of Newcastle and find yourself transported back to 16th-century England. A a 32-acre village is filled with artisan craft shoppes, endless entertainment, pubs and taverns galore! We’re talking turkey legs, libations, loads of good food and drinks.

You’ll watch noble knights battling on horseback in the royal jousting tournament before the queen and her royal court! Witness fantastic horse riding skills and amusing side shows.

The Georgia Renaissance Festival continues through June 4th in Fairburn-  which is just outside Atlanta, below Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, on I-85 South.

Upcoming themed weekends include PIRATES weekend May 20th and 21st, and ROMANCE weekend June 3rd & 4th, with a mass wedding vow renewal both days!  You can click here for more details, ticket prices, specials and more. And Ginny adds you can purchase discount tickets through Sam’s Club.Consequences of Lack of Sleep

We are a sleep-deprived nation with nearly 70-million Americans suffering from some form of chronic sleep problem. It happens to people of all ages – and losing sleep is doing more damage that you probably realize.

Dr. Aneesa Das/Sleep Expert:  “Certain things that might trigger us to go see somebody or seek out help, would be loud snoring at night that wakes either yourself or a partner up, feeling sleepy during the daytime, inability to maintain sleep that has lasted sort of over a month period of time.”

Diane Moyer/Had trouble sleeping:  “My husband started to notice that I was having periods, particularly when I was on my back, where I would stop breathing for 10-15 seconds. And he said, ‘You’ve gotta get something done to check this out.'”

For years Diane Moyer fell into a cycle familiar to many of us.  not long after going to bed, she was right back up – trying anything to help her wind down. “I wouldn’t sleep at all.  I couldn’t take naps.  I couldn’t relax enough, because I would get so frustrated that I couldn’t sleep, that I ended up being up all the time.”

It got bad enough that Diane went to see sleep expert Dr. Aneesa Das. Das says people of all ages suffer from a lack of sleep, but how it impacts us changes throughout our lives. For example, school-aged children don’t always get lethargic. In fact, many get hyperactive – affecting everything from how often they get sick to how well they do in school.

“It can affect our immune function so it can be harder to fight off infection sometimes and then more importantly it probably affects how we feel during the day, how we can sort of cope and how we think.”

A lack of sleep also impacts a teenager’s ability to learn – but it also causes acne and accidents. A recent study showed teens are at a higher risk for car crashes when they sleep six hours or less – which isn’t uncommon. Ideally, teens need just over nine hours of sleep a night, but few get it.

“Some teens can get about eight and a half and function well, but one study has shown that only 15% of teenagers actually get eight and a half hours of sleep.”

When it comes to adults, the effects are often much worse. Sleep deprivation accumulates over the years and can ultimately lead to serious medical conditions. “It can affect our cardiac status, lack of sleep can affect our blood pressure. It can affect our blood glucose levels. So we need to try to get regular sleep on a regular basis.”

When we don’t, we can pay for it in ways we never expected. Lack of sleep has also been linked to obesity, diabetes and depression – and it’s taking a heavy financial toll on us as well. Sleep-deprived workers cost this country more than 63-billion dollars each year. Dr. Das also says sleep deprivation has a cumulative effect and you can’t recoup it in a single weekend, so stop telling yourself you’lll sleep in and catch up. She says it takes several weeks to make up sleep debt.Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre:  Crimes of the Heart

You have one final weekend to catch The Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre’s production of Beth Henley’s warm-hearted, irreverent, and zany Pulitzer Prize winning play, “Crimes of the Heart.”

It’s the story of the three Magrath sisters have gathered to await news of the family patriarch, their grandfather, who is living out his last hours in the local hospital. Lenny, the oldest sister, is unmarried at thirty and facing diminishing marital prospects; Meg, the middle sister, who quickly outgrew Hazlehurst, is back after a failed singing career on the West Coast; while Babe, the youngest, is out on bail after having shot her husband.

Avery Villines, directs the cast of popular local performers that includes, Karen Brotherton, Mark Swanson, Mary Anne Schweiser, Nicole Swanson, Amy Peplinski, and Caleb Rivera-Bloodworth.

Just three more performances: May 18th, 19th, and 20th. Call 706-793-8552 for reservations and information.

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