JENNIE: Managing ADHD without medication Part 2


TELEVISION PARK (WJBF)–  We’re talking about an issue today that affects lots of families: treating attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children.

According to the CDC, doctors have prescribed medication for more than 60% of the nearly 6.5 million children diagnosed with ADHD. And while medicines works for many, others are concerned about side effects.

Linda Artis is a writer from Charlotte, NC who shares her success with an alternative approach to medications. The mother of two was determined to treat the underlying causes, rather than mask the symptoms.

Artis has spent the past 12 years working through various interventions to heal her children and help them thrive at home, at school and in social situationsFollow on Facebook.

Her 8-week, step-by-step program is outlined in her book, Healing Our ADHD Children. She will walk you through a series of steps designed to detect food sensitivities, eliminate vitamin and mineral deficiencies, manage ADHD without medication and more. The book is $16.95. Order now.

Her 10-week ADHD Healing coaching program is an interactive online workshop where you’ll learn natural ways to eliminate symptoms. You can sign up here:

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