TELEVISION PARK–  Perfectly Aged: Historic Augusta’s Benefit Auction is coming up Thursday, September 14th at the St. Paul River Room in downtown Augusta. Tickets are $100 per person or $50 ages 35 & under. The event starts at 6:30pm, with the auction beginning at 8:00pm. Get tickets now at historicaugusta.orgPreview auction items here.

The mission of Historic Augusta, Inc. is to preserve historically or architecturally significant sites in Augusta and Richmond County, Georgia. This mission is accomplished in many ways, including identifying significant historic resources in the community, educating the general public about their importance, and assisting others in preserving historic properties.

Some of the programs and services offered by Historic Augusta include:

Preservation Assistance – Advising owners of historic buildings about proper preservation techniques and sources and assisting private property owners with applications for National Registration, historic preservation tax incentives and other paperwork that will lead to preservation of their property.

Advocacy – Historic Augusta serves as the voice and watch dog for preservation interests. Whenever an historic building is threatened by demolition, Historic Augusta intercedes to try and prevent it from happening. Historic Augusta also encourages the preservation of historic buildings by other groups and individuals and works with them toward this end.