JENNIE: Foster families needed in Aiken, Ragz2Richez Recordz promotes local talent


TELEVISION PARK-   Today, we’re talking about a growing problem in Aiken County:  children needing foster parents.

In some cases, parents have problems with substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence and a lack of parenting skills.

all of these children have experienced trauma and need support to help them heal.

In South Carolina right now,  more than 4,200 children are in foster care… but unfortunately, some 58%  have to be placed outside their home counties. That means separating them from their schools, churches, friends and support systems.

In Aiken County alone,  around 70 children are in foster care, but there are only 42 licensed foster homes.

Samantha Bryant-Hart is a Human Service Specialist II, from Aiken’s Department of Social Services office.

Watch the video above to learn the steps to becoming a foster parent…  financial support, training, and qualifications.

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Heartfelt Calling

Ragz 2 Richez Recordz is a record label and an artist development company based in Augusta, GA, with affiliates in Columbia,SC, and Atlanta.

The company is composed of music artists, managers, A&R’s, promotion and media experts. Ragz 2 Richez Recordz featured artists are Polo Don Red and Soundz Grate.

Soundz Grate explains what the talent promotion company is all about:

“Our main goal is to teach music artist of all genres the in’s and out’s of the music industry.  We do this by taking an ordinary musician/vocalist, and making them a respected professional music artist. The method of creating a star is by means of image consultation, image professionalism, recording, and music distribution on platforms such as Pandora, ITunes, Spotify, Tidal, and many more. They will also get featured on “The Sine Wave” Radio show presented by We On Radio hosted by our own Soundz Grate with over 120,000 listeners.                   We are a one stop shop, musicians/vocalist are able to get their photos, and music videos taken/filmed, edited, and promoted through us as well. The icing on the cake is that we place the music artist on various music tours and concerts to get their materials out to the world. Our goal is to give a good artist the tools and the arsenal to make them the greatest artist they can be by providing the most exposure possible. In doing this they will in turn be noticed and signed to major labels such as Sony Music, Warner Music Group, or Capital Records. We love what we do, and our only and main goal is to help artist get to the top.  We mentor youth about the behind the scenes portion of the music industry. Teaching them how to work cameras, studio equipment, various software, and having them work with recording artist.”

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