Jennie: Counselor says mental health problems on the rise in pandemic


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Health experts say the coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on Americans’ mental health. And with drug and alcohol abuse on the rise, professionals are also seeing an increase in calls to crisis hotlines.

Many people describe anxiety, grief, and trouble sleeping. That goes for health care workers, too.

Natalie Bryan, LCSW offers therapy services to individuals, couples, families and groups at Restoring Harmony Counseling & Consulting . She says she is definitely seeing an increase in her practice with clients struggling with mental health issues due to COVID.

That’s compounded now, by the recent racial tension. She says for many people, it’s like a double-blow because they were already anxious and feeling on-edge.

“OK, I’m just waiting for the other show to drip and now with the racial tension we already feel isolated, unsupported and separated and this has just caused a larger split and dynamic and people are feeling it is amping up and magnifying the feelings of anger, hurt, repression and things like that.”

You can contact Natalie’s practice at 762.585.4610 or visit the website here:

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